Facebook Captions

Facebook captions can give a new life to your post or picture. Do you like facebook captions?  Well everyone likes facebook captions and there is no doubt about that. People love reading captions because they love to know what you have to say about a picture or post. Did you come here looking for funny, cute, and best facebook captions? If your answer is yes then you have come to the right place in search of facebook captions. In this article you will find facebook captions of all types. In this article we have compiled a list of captions most of which are generic captions. You can bookmark this page or just save it on your device so that you can access it easily when needed.

In this article we have compiled a list of captions for you. You can use these captions as Facebook captions. Who does not want likes on his Facebook photos? Of course everyone does so get ready to look at the best Facebook captions. From now on you will never run out of genuine Facebook caption ideas. The purpose of writing this article is to save your time and give you what you need. This article has everything you want to see in a perfect Facebook captions article. You can also find best funny captions at home page of this website.

Facebook Captions

Facebook Captions

Best Facebook Captions for Friends

  • Fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free.
  • This is not the selfie time.
  • This is my hometown.
  • Meet my barber.
  • Started from the bottom now we are here.
  • Time is the best healer.
  • Work until your idols become your rivals.
  • A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it. A dumb person creates it.
  • I love the way you lie
  • You the best I ever had
  • I am up right now and you suck right now.
  • The best people in life are free.
  • Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
  • I did not eat my food. Who did?
  • Time heals everything
  • Some cause happiness wherever they go, other whenever they go.
  • I don’t always study, but when I do, I don’t.
  • Give me a chocolate and nobody gets hurt.
  • What about six month holiday twice a year?
  • As long as my boss pretends my salary is high, I will pretend that I have much work to do.
  • You think this is a game.
  • If to love each other is the job, then the happy life is the salary.
  • Relationships end but feelings continue.
  • Smile, life is beautiful.
  • Flirting is like a game of chess. One wrong move……and you’re married.
  • No need to like me. I am not a facebook status.
  • Frisky Friday.
  • I got back with my Ex…..box 360.
  • Turn the pain into power.
  • I can’t go on, will you carry me.

Facebook Captions for Profile

Facebook is a popular social media service. This article is all about Facebook captions. Due to the increased number of Facebook users the need of good Facebook captions is higher than ever. It is the facebook users like you who have made Facebook the most popular social media site with more than one and half billion monthly active users. So the number of active users of Facebook is enough to tell you the increasing demand of Facebook captions. Use these facebook captions to get maximum likes and comments. These facebook captions will also help you make new friends.

You have landed on the right page in search of Facebook captions because this is the place where you can find Facebook captions of all kinds. Now you can make your Facebook friends laugh with your funny captions or make them jealous with your Facebook cool captions or make them love with your cute captions or introduce yourself to them with your attitude captions or get most likes and comments by posting best captions for your Facebook  selfies and pictures. In simple words here you will find captions of all types, which also means that now you will never run short of funny, cute, clever and cool captions. People love reading captions because they are always eager to know what you have to say.